Our company believes that a special responsibility is assumed when the transportation service is delivered for children who are considered as the guarantee of a good future, and we give the highest priority to their safety. In line with this consciousness, related training programs and seminars are provided for Yankıtur drivers in order to ensure safe arrival of the children to their schools and homes.
For ensuring safe, comfortable and precise arrival of our children to their schools, we closely follow the technical developments in the field of vehicle equipments. Our aim is to provide that the students can continue their education in peace and comfort. Yankıtur employs a staff of experienced and expert drivers and operates a fleet of vehicles which fulfill the provisions of the School Service Vehicles Regulations, Student Transportation Regulations and Road Traffic Law and which are newer than 5 year, with all periodic maintenance works carried out on a timely basis. Yankıtur has succeeded to become a preferred and reliable brand in the field  of student transportation for kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, universities and other classes of education institutions and continues its activities without sacrificing its main principle of “safety and comfort”. The services delivered by the company to Namık Kemal University Çorlu Engineering Faculty and Namık Kemal University Çorlu Vocational High School are among the best examples than can be given to prove this.

Following are some of the issues considered and addressed precisely by Yankıtur during Student Transportation activities:
  • To operate a fleet of well-maintained and new vehicles.
  • To strictly apply all safety measures.
  • To employ a staff who are both good-humored and experts.
  • To strictly abide law and rules.   
It is our main responsibility to fulfill legislative and administrative obligations and conditions during Student Transportation services. We continuously check updates on laws and regulations, make necessary changes on a timely basis and minimize risks associated with environmental pollution and occupational health and safety. Thanks to the inspections carried out every year before the start of the academic year, we are able to provide excellent services by eliminating all deficiencies on our vehicles in advance.