Personnel Transportation

Yankıtur, which has adopted “unconditional customer satisfaction” as its main principle since 1997 in its main activity fields of Personnel Transportation and Student Transportation, has become a much trusted service partner for its customers thanks to its management approach, extensive knowledge and experienced staff of experts. Our aim is to share the same trust with you by becoming your reliable partner in your personnel transportation needs. With its modern fleet of more than 350 motor vehicles, Yankıtur provides Personnel Transportation services to many institutions and enterprises.  

Yankıtur safely transports the employees of its customers between their homes and workplaces based on predetermined routes. The confidence of customers, which makes Yankıtur proud, is built on three main principles:


With the quality system evidenced by international certificates, Yankıtur adopts customer satisfaction as the basis of its services.

Since its foundation, Yankıtur has taken it as a duty to deliver precise, economic and high-quality transportation services. Precision of the services is provided through the orientation of service vehicle drivers by the vehicle support unit in terms of alternative routes and road conditions based on the instant traffic data obtained from cameras.

All Yankıtur motor vehicles are under the guarantee of traffic and vehicle insurances and any person traveling with a Yankıtur vehicle is included in the coverage of a personal accident insurance.

  • Comprehensive service agreements can be optionally made with the MEDLINE ALARM SAĞLIK HİZM. A.Ş. health services company against unexpected events during travels.
  • Yankıtur uses new and most comfortable service vehicles which are regularly subjected to internal and external cleaning, and periodic maintenances are carried out in order to avoid any disruption of services.
  • Yankıtur vehicles are under the guarantee of traffic, vehicle and personal accident insurances.
  • In our training programs, which were initiated in order to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of our employees and maximize the efficiency of Yankıtur services, several topics are studied under the supervision of experts including traffic legislation and rules, environment and city, tourism, public relations, first aid, motor vehicle maintenance and operation.
  • Our vehicles are instructed to obey speed limits on roads. Our mobile vehicles continuously perform traffic inspections.
  • Observance of rules is improved thanks to our service vehicle instructions and the efficient methods applied for notifying such instructions to the service staff.
  • The rules required to be followed in case of an accident or breakdown are notified to the drivers in order to have predetermine procedures.
Yankıtur is a member of İSTAB İstanbul Mass Transporters Association, which provides a joint platform for companies carrying out public, personnel, tourism and student transportation activities in İstanbul city, with membership number 528.

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