Being conscious of the great responsibilities assumed throughout the way which was started off in 1997, Yankıtur has become an important player in its sector with its knowledge, experienced staff, self-sacrificing manner of work and a perspective open to technological developments and innovations.

The dynamism of the competition environment regularly changes the standards in the service industry together with many other developments. Through determining long-term targets, Yankıtur has always given particular importance to customer satisfaction in this regard.

Out modern fleet of motor vehicles and service quality has played an important role in carrying the name Yankıtur to a privileged position in the sector. Our continuously expanding customer potential must be taken as the biggest evidence of the level quality offered by our services.

As is the case until now, we will continue to make all efforts to transport thousand of people between their homes and workplaces safely, tranquilly and comfortably through our superior service approach and being conscious of the fact that we are actually transporting human lives.